Control Systems - Total Control

The markets most energy efficient controlsystem. It saves up to 60% in energy consumption.

• Complete control for the press, feeder, die controls, strip lubrication, multipitch, straightener and decoiler.
• Production Monitoring with our module “Production Online”.
• Camera function.
• Smart ejectorcontrols.
• Very easy handeling.

√ The controlsystem can be installed on any rollfeeder.


• Counters: total counter, preset counter, total order and manual counters.
• Ejector controls.
• Feed controls
• Blow outputs.
• Outputs for pneumatic cylinders.
• Outputs for strip lubrication.
• Inputs for the press force control.
• Input for strip control between feeder and die.
• End of strip detector.
• Outputs for scrap conveyors. These outputs will turn off automatically 1 minutes after the press stopped.
• Analogue output for the press speed control, stored for each die.
• Operation timer that records the total operating time and total stand still time.
• Teach-in programming.
• Maximization Module.
• The old control system for the pres is removed completely.

More Smart Features

Camera Function
Recording of the last 30 seconds of production. At an alarm then the recording stops. The operator can then view the recording on the screen.
Production Online
Monitoring of production data via your internal network or the Internet.
TEACH-IN programming
A new program for a new die is built up very quickly.
Synchronous Feed
With the press speed leads to smooth feeding without any fast moves in the strip loop.
Smarta utkastarkontroller
Contact us for more info! Increases productivity up to 30%.
Maximizing Module
Warning lamp lights if the process is not maximized.
CO² Optimized Control System
The control system includes a number of energy-saving features. Total savings up to 60%.